Hi I'm Megan Conner, Survivor.

From the ages of seven to eleven, I was trafficked in a child pornography ring. The statistics are not in favor of survivors like me, but I found a way out, and I want to help others find the way out too.

We all come up against roadblocks on our journey, they are an inevitable part of life! Sometimes they just slow us down and give us a chance to reflect… we ask ourselves if we’re on the right track.

When a roadblock has you stuck, whether you are starting a new journey, navigating a major life change, or finding yourself getting sucked back into unhealthy patterns, I’m here to help!

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Click below to order your copy and discover the unfiltered truths behind this abusive system.

"I Walked Through Fire To Get Here" is a compelling and raw account that exposes the hidden realities of human trafficking and abuse. Megan takes readers on a journey through her personal experiences, shedding light on the myths and realities surrounding trafficking and other abusive systems. While victimized, Megan managed to maintain a facade of normalcy, suffering in silence and dissociation. Finally, a conversation about her childhood jolted her into reality and forced her to confront her past, starting her on the path to survival and healing.

Key Themes:

1. Invisible Victimization: The book unveils the shocking truth that trafficking victims can lead seemingly ordinary lives while enduring unspeakable horrors behind closed doors.

2. Overcoming Odds: Victims of trafficking and abuse face overwhelming challenges, including higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, and suicide. The book emphasizes the possibility of finding a way out and ending the pain without ending one's life.

3. Unfiltered Honesty: This powerful story doesn't shy away from the harsh realities of trafficking and abuse. It presents a candid and unvarnished account, making it a compelling and eye-opening read.

4. Breaking the Cycle: Addressing the cycle of abuse is a central theme of the book. It highlights the startling statistic that abused individuals are almost five times more likely to become abusers, underscoring the urgent need for breaking this cycle and healing generational trauma.

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Click below to order your copy and discover the unfiltered truths behind this abusive system.


Click below to order your copy and discover the unfiltered truths behind this abusive system.

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