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Megan, how do I keep track of everything my kids are doing online?


Megan, how do I tell my girlfriend that her needs are too much for me?


Megan, I feel stuck, how do I get out of this relationship?

Did you notice the example questions above? There are no bad questions and this is a no-pressure process!

 “If you can’t ask a question about your pain, you can’t start a healing conversation!”

– Megan

Hi, it’s Megan!

Do you have questions you wish you could ask, but you want to remain anonymous?
Have you ever wanted to ask someone who has 'been through it' but you don't have the time or resources?

Do you benefit from hearing about how others have overcome struggles in their lives?

That's what Ask Megan is all about!

Even if I do not have experience with your particular situation, I will bring in other experts and resources to get your questions answered.

I’ll meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.


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THIS SERVICE IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. This is not advice and/or mental health treatment. Prior to taking any action, individuals should consider the potential impact on relationships and come to their own informed decisions. Individuals suspecting that they may be exhibiting symptoms of mental health distress should contact a professional for treatment and advice.

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